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The Art Collector's Illustrated Handbook


The most complete and updated handbook on the ascertainment of authenticity
 in art and antiques with 540 pages and more than 2,000 colour illustrations
in 3 volumes and 3 languages.




This book aims to be your trusted expert, providing you with clear and well-founded answers based on objective evaluation criteria as to authenticity.
The texts draw for the most part on the experience of skilled art restorers and conservators collected in over 80 books on the subject and published in Italian, German, English and French.
It took a great many years of research and study to gather and set out this material in a handbook which is the only one of its kind. This treasure trove has been further enriched with information concerning scientific methods and procedures.
These texts were published in 1997-2003 when the
Museum of Art and Science was still called the Art Collectors� Museum (18 rooms and over 2,000 items on display).


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Contents VOL I

Total pages
Scientific methods
Carpets and Rugs
12 pages
50 pages
12 pages
26 pages
28 pages
7 pages
70 pages
26 pages
36 pages




Contents VOL II

Total pages
Clocks and Watches
Walking sticks and Pipes
Musicals instruments
Precious and semi-precious stones
Amber and Pearls
Dolls, toys
22 pages
34 pages
9 pages
5 pages
8 pages
11 pages
7 pages
3 pages
2 pages
6 pages





Contents VOL III

Total pages
The Museum
Minor Asian Art
Excavated Artefacts
Buddhist Art
African Art
6 pages
 18 pages
 44 pages
 17 pages
25 pages



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Volume 3 - 2000, Code ISBN 978-88-900454-7-9

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Below is a part of the bibliography of the books consulted during the compilation of the Handbook :
"Authenticity in Art: The scientific Detection of Forgery", Stuart J Fleming, 1975, London - "Kunst-und Antiquitten-Flschungen", Thomas Almeroth, 1986, Frankfurt - "Au pays des antiquaires", Andr� Mailfert, 1935, Paris -  "Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit", Walter Benjamin, 1955, Frankfurt - "X-Ray in Art", Arturo Gilardoni, 1994, Mandello Lario, Lecco - "Les secrets des chefs-d'
�uvre", Magdeleine Hours, 1964, Paris - "Antiques", Elizabeth Drury, 1986 - "Gef�lschte Antike", Paul Eberhard, 1981, Wien - "Is it genuine?", John Bly, 1986, London - "Noch Leucheten Die Bilder", H.H. Pars, 1953, Stuttgart - "F�lscherk�nste", Eudel-Roessler, 1947, Wien - "La patina nel restauro delle opere d'arte", Thomas Brachert, 1985, Monaco - "Fake? The Art of Deception", Mark Jones-Mario Spagnol, 1990, London - "Kunst der F�lscher, F�lscher der Kunst", Frank Arnau, 1984, D�sseldorf - "Wie die Kunstf�lscher arbeiten", Adolph Donath, 1937, Prague -  "Garantiert echt. Eine Geschichte von Bildern und Antiquit�ten", Paul Harrison, 1935, Wien - "Englische M�bel. Echt-kopiert-gef�lscht", Charles H. Hayward, 1980, M�nchen - "Naturwissenschaftliche Gem�lde-Untersuchung", Hermann K�hn,  1962 - "Aus der Welt der F�lscher", Fritz Mendax  1953, Stuttgart - "Gef�lschte Antike. Von der Renaissance sib zur Gegenwart", Paul Eberhard, 1981, Leipzig - "Kunstwerke chemisch betrachtet. Materialien-Analysen-Altersbestimmung", Josef Riederer, 1981, New York - "F�lscher, H�ndler und Experten. Das zwielichtige Abenteuer der Kunstf�lschungen", Sepp Sch�ller, 1959, M�nchen - "Das Kunstf�lschertum", Thomas W�rtenberger, 1970, Leipzig - "Analyse scientifique et Conservation des Peintures", M. Hours, 1976, Friburg - "A la d�couverte de la peinture par les m�thodes physiques", M. Hours, 1957, Paris - "Painting, Materials", R.J. Gettens, 1966, New York.





www.MuseoArteScienza.com - Sections of the "Museo d'Arte e Scienza": 6 rooms dedicated to the ascertainment of authenticity in art and antiques, 5 rooms on Leonardo da Vinci's "Treatise on Painting" and his activities in Milan, 5 rooms dedicated to African Art and Buddhist Art, 2 Scientific Laboratories.

www.LeonardoDaVinciMilano.com - Two permanent exhibitions: "Leonardo Citizen of Milan" and  "Appreciating Art through the Eyes of Leonardo" from his "Treatise on Painting".

www.AuthenticAfricanBronzesandCeramics.com -  Dedicated to the authenticity of African artworks in bronze, stone and pottery. The scientific laboratory of the Museo d�Arte e Scienza has developed valid methods for telling authentic African objects from copies and fakes.

www.Paintingsauthenticity.com - Information about the authenticity of modern paintings and antique paintings.

www.AntiqueFurnitureAuthenticity.com - A list of possible methods for determining the authenticity of furniture based on objective factors.

www.Excavatedartauthenticity.com - "A list of all the possible ways of determining, on the basis of objective factors, the authenticity of excavated pottery, glass or bronze items from Southern Italy, the Mediterranean Basin, China and South America".

www.AfricanArtAuthenticity.com - "Art and Life in Black Africa", The African Art didactic section of the Museum (5 rooms and over 350 objects).  

www.SpectroscopyforArt.com - A scientific method for the dating of the wood and identification of the wood type used for art objects. Determination of their authenticity through analysis of colours, binders, pigments and other organic substances.  

www.Matthaes.org - The history of the G. Matthaes Foundation from the opening of the painting school in Dresden in 1906 up to the "Museo d'Arte e Scienza" in Milan.

www.CopiesAndFakesInArt.com - Ample further descriptions for ascertaining the authenticity in art for the individual fields of antiques.

www.IvoryAuthenticityAndAge.com - Ivory, bone and horn can now be spectroscopically dated and recognized with precision.

www.AmiciMuseoArteScienza.org - An association of the Museum founded in 2010 to patronize and promote the restoration and preservation of works of art and the development of appropriate scientific methods for determining their authenticity.

www.arteautentica.it - The Museum's scientific laboratory is in charge of the investigation of the authenticity in art and antiques and is available to individuals, collectors, art experts, restorers and museums.





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